In 2008 the Department of Applied Computer Science merged with the Department of Theoretical and Computational Physics. The website of the newly established Department of Applied Informatics and Computational Physics is available at

KIS @ WFiIS AGH – Computer Facilities

Network News

The computer system of the Faculty is mainly based on ~250 PCs interconnected by a LAN.

Our central computer facilities include:

[x] SGI Origin2000 running IRIX 6.4
(2xR12000 300 MHz + 2xR10000 195 MHz, 1.5 GB RAM, 63 GB HDD)

[x] Netware 5.1 server
(PC PentiumIII, 2x800 MHz, 512MB RAM, 70 GB HDD)

[x] Linux server
(PC PentiumIII, 2x800 MHz, 512MB RAM, 27 GB HDD).

[x] Linux cluster
( (1+12) x (PC PentiumIII, 2x800 MHz) ).

In case of problems or questions related to our computer system, you can find here a list of computer administrators.

A secure SSH session to some of our unix servers is available from there.
You need to have a Java enabled browser and an account on the server to connect.

Faculty's server is powered by Apache 1.3 on Netware 5.1.