In 2008 the Department of Applied Computer Science merged with the Department of Theoretical and Computational Physics. The website of the newly established Department of Applied Informatics and Computational Physics is available at

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Physics Web Gates

[x] PhysNet
[x] PhysicsWeb
[x] PhysLink
[x] The Physical Sciences Resource Center


[x] Physics Institutes in Poland
[x] Polish Committee for Scientific Research (KBN)
[x] Polish Physical Society (PTF)

[x] International Centre for Theoretical Physics
[x] EPS Computational Physics
[x] American Association of Physics Teachers


[x] Periodic Table of the Elements
[x] Physical Reference Data (NIST)
[x] The Integrator
[x] Astro-Physical Calculator

[x] WWWebster Dictionary
[x] Encyclopedia Britannica On-Line

[x] e-Print archive
[x] Master Journal Coverage List (Institute for Scientific Information)
[x] Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS numbers, 2003)
[x] Virtual Library
[x] AGH Staff Database
[x] AGH Staff Publications Database
[x] The Information Processing Centre (OPI) Databases