In 2008 the Department of Applied Computer Science merged with the Department of Theoretical and Computational Physics. The website of the newly established Department of Applied Informatics and Computational Physics is available at

KIS @ WFiIS AGH – Research Activities

Interdisciplinary applications of the computer methods and simulations

Theoretical study of solids

[x] theoretical study of magnetic materials

  • modeling of Ising magnets
  • nanoscopic magnetic arrays
  • bistable magnetic wires
  • magnetism and phase transitions in oxides
  • magnetic susceptibility and lattice dynamics in the vicinity of the Verwey transition

[x] computer simulation of epitaxial film growth

Modelling physical processes in biological structures

[x] computer simulation of biological ageing

  • age structure of the population
  • Penna model in migrating population

[x] reptation model of transport of DNA

Dynamics of nonlinear systems

[x] picewisely integrable systems

[x] theory and application of cellular automata